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TRAMsoft GmbH is registered with the commercial register ("Handelsregister") as a limited company ("Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung") based in Hittnau, Kanton Zürich. Please note that we have no shop, we sell our goods only by mail-order.

Contents: Prices - VAT ("Mehrwertsteuer") - Shipping - Payment methods - Payment in advance - Credit cards - Warranty - Return policy - Privacy Policy


All prices in Swiss Frances (CHF) and Euro (EUR). To convert to other currencies, we suggest the OANDA Currency Converter.

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VAT ("Mehrwertsteuer"):

All prices in Swiss Francs (CHF) include Swiss VAT ("Mehrwertsteuer"). When shipped to foreign countries, it will be deducted. It is already deducted in our prices in Euro (EUR).

Depending on the regulations in your country, local taxes and/or additional fees may apply. All additional charges must be paid by the recipient. You do accept explicitly to pay these additional costs by placing an order in our online store.

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We ship with the postal service or by courier. Charges depend on destination, value and type of shipment.
The following charges apply for parcels with a weight of up to 3 kg:

Destination / Value up to CHF 300 / EUR 250 more than CHF 300 / EUR 250
Switzerland and Fürstentum Liechtenstein
CHF 12 / EUR 10
CHF 0 / EUR 0
Neighboring countries (A, D, F, I)
CHF 24 / EUR 20
Other Europe and Mediterranean countries plus USA and Canada
CHF 48 / EUR 40
Other countries
CHF 60 / EUR 50

For some items reduced shipping costs apply, our shopping basket will compute the correct costs automatically. Higher charges may apply for parcels over 3 kg depending on the charges of the postal service or courier.

Please note: There is a supplemental fee of CHF 12 for cash on delivery (this payment method is available for shipping within Switzerland and paying in CHF only).

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Payment methods:

You can either pay with credit card (Eurocard/Mastercard or VISA), in advance or by cash on delivery. Cash on delivery is only available within Switzerland and requires the currency Swiss Francs. A supplemental fee of CHF 12 will be charged for each parcel.
Please note: The payment method "cash on delivery" is not possible for destinations outside Switzerland.

We reserve the right to ask for payment in advance if the credit card information provided seems suspicious.

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Payment in advance:

Payment in Swiss Francs:

Zuercher Kantonalbank (ZKB)
Filiale Uster
Freiestrasse 2
8610 Uster
Account: 1122-0030.913, in favor of: TRAMsoft GmbH, 8335 Hittnau, Switzerland
PC: 01-200027-2
Banking Clearing Number: 700
IBAN: CH39 0070 0112 2000 3091 3

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Credit cards:

Currently, we accept Eurocard / Mastercard and Visa.

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We provide warranty as declared by the manufacturer, usually a period of two years after the date of purchase.

To obtain warranty service you must send the product, postage paid, with a copy of the invoice and the warranty certificate - if available - to

TRAMsoft GmbH
Lättenweg 19
8335 Hittnau

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Return policy:

  1. For refund product must be returned within 10 days after delivery.
  2. Returned merchandise must be in unopened original factory packaging.
  3. Software without an unlock code or software which has already been unlocked and/or registered cannot be returned.
  4. A 10% handling fee applies for returned products. Minimum fee is CHF 20 / EUR 13, maximum fee CHF 100 / EUR 65.
    There is no refund for shipping and packaging.
  5. Merchandise must be returned securely packed by registered mail, freight prepaid.
  6. Opened software programs are not accepted for refund. They may be replaced only for a copy of the same title and version.
  7. To ensure quick processing of returned merchandise, a copy of the invoice must be included.
  8. Please indicate why the product was returned.
  9. Allow 10 working days for processing of returned product.
  10. The returned package must be addressed as follows:
    TRAMsoft GmbH
    Lättenweg 19
    8335 Hittnau
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All collected data will be used internally only, we do not pass any information to external organizations or companies.

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