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Portrait Reto Ambühler

Reto Ambühler was born in 1958 in Zürich. He attended the regular school ("Volksschule") in Rümlang, followed by an apprenticeship as a precision mechanic ("Feinmechaniker"). During his apprenticeship he utilized a programmable calculator TI-58. It was then when he learned about his passion for computers. This passion become even stronger during his study at the Technikum Winterthur. After his diploma in communication and digital technics, Reto Ambühler started his first job at the IBM Customer Support Center in Zürich. After a little more than a year, he changed to Integra Signum AG where he developed an application on a PDP-11 computer in assembler for several years. After this he helped customers of Digital Equipment Corporation AG (DEC) as an employee at the Customer Support Center. Then he interrupted his career for a fifteen month honeymoon trip throughout north America. After another three years with Digital as a system administrator in DEC's training center, Reto Ambühler became in the spring 1991 a system manager and later a technical WebMaster at the ETH Zürich. Reto Ambühler is married and a father of three children.

At TRAMsoft, Reto Ambühler holds the position of the CEO, is responsible for software development and for all Internet related services. He administers our own mail and web-server, that also hosts domains of other customers. In addition, he is in charge of the operation of the online shop and consults customers when buying GPS devices.

His partner is Thomas Müller.

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